How to make your own Cat Shelter

Help out some cold kitties and find out how to make a cat shelter with this step by step guide from the PurrBoxes team.
Although Winter has been fairly mild so far, cold snaps are still on the cards for the next month or so.
Why not help out your local cats during adverse weather by making one of these DIY shelters? They’re perfect for outdoor cats to shelter in (until you get home!) and they’re also perfect for any feral cats in your neighbourhood who need some help.
You need:
2 x plastic storage tubs with lids (one small enough to fit in the other)
Insulation (polystyrene packaging, packing chips, etc)
1. Cut a 6″ x 6″ door in both tubs, leaving an inch or so off the floor to avoid flooding.
2. Line the floor and the interior walls of the larger tub with the insulation, then place the smaller tub inside, making sure the doors line up.
3. Pad the floor of the smaller tub with the straw. Do not use hay, blankets, or newspaper as they can freeze. Hay can also go mouldy.
4. Put the lid on the small tub and add a layer of insulation on top.
5. Put the lid on the large exterior tub. Leave in a safe place, with the door facing away from the wind and rain.
TIP: If you have predators in your area, it may be a good idea to cut a second exit door, to allow cats to have an escape route if necessary.