3 Easy Steps to a Happy Cat


1. Choose Your PurrBox

PurrBoxes are best as a monthly subscription but can also be ordered individually as a gift.

Join now for free delivery,  guaranteeing you a regular mix of the best toys and treats!


2. Tell us all about your cat

Sign up and tell us who the PurrBoxes are for and where to send them.

PurrBoxes are a monthly hassle free Direct Debit subscription.


3. Play and Purr…

A monthly selection of toys and treats for your cat is delivered to your door.

PurrBoxes come by Royal Mail and conveniently fit through the letterbox.

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How It Works

When you sign up for PurrBoxes, every month you will receive a monthly cat box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your cat – specially selected toys and treats along with a month’s supply of cat grass and catnip!

Whether you’ve been living with your pet for years or have a new special feline in your life, PurrBoxes are the unique new way to keep your cat or kitten entertained, happy and feeling loved.


Why PurrBoxes?


Good For You

Spending time with your pet makes you happier and reduces stress.

Good For Your Cat

Exercise and treats in moderation help your cat live a healthy lifestyle avoiding obesity, diabetes and arthritis.

Good for Your Home

A varied selection of treats and toys can help keep your cat stimulated and interested, saving other items from unwelcome attention!

What’s in PurrBoxes?






A month’s supply of Cat Grass




A box!


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SIgn up for your PurrBox

Monthly Cat Box

The purrfect way to treat your cat.

Our monthly cat boxes – the first and best in the UK – are specially hand picked and packed to include amazing toys and treats for your feline friend.

Order before the 10th of December and your first box will be our special Christmas Edition PurrBox containing festive themed toys and treats.

Orders after 10th December will receive their first box in January.

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Recommended by cat owners across the country

Oscar can’t wait for his purrbox to arrive. We love opening the box together and discovering the toys and treats inside. Thanks you guys xx


Poppy is an indoor cat so I know the monthly supply of cat grass is helping her stay healthy and keeps her happy while I’m at work. The boxes are great value and I’ve already recommended them to my sister.


Having the PurrBoxes delivered saves us so much time looking for ways to entertain our new kitten Daisy. I’m glad we subscribed its a simple thoughtful way to make her feel special.


It usually takes a lot to get Atilla excited but the moment I rustle the bag of treats you sent he runs right over purring and yapping. 🙂


Why Choose Us


Great Value & Free Delivery

We work with some of the biggest pet brands in the country and unique independent companies to source products your cat will love!

We love Cats

PurrBoxes is run by cat owners for cat owners. You can trust us to find the best selection of toys and treats for your cat every month.

We’re experts in making cats happy.

PurrBoxes were the first to bring a monthly cat box to the UK based on the popular American idea.

PurrBoxes contain your favourite brands including:



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Who are PurrBoxes? PurrBoxes is run by cat lovers for cat lovers, and are the first to offer a monthly cat box of toys and treats for cats in the UK.

What will I get in a PurrBox? In every PurrBox you will receive three or more carefully selected products and presents for your cat, along with a month’s supply of cat grass and catnip!

How much is a PurrBox? £9.95 + free delivery in the UK when you subscribe.

How much is delivery? Delivery of your monthly cat box is free in the UK when you subscribe. If you purchase individual boxes delivery is £1.99 so you can save over £20 a year by signing up.

How can I pay for a PurrBox? PurrBox subscriptions are by direct debit. This is all handled securely by our partner GoCardless and covered by the direct debit guarantee. Individual orders are paid via GoCardless as a single bank payment

Is there a contract? No! There's no contract and no commitment for your monthly cat box, we hope you and your cat will enjoy the regular delivery but if you need to cancel at any time just log in to your account or email us.

Can I buy a PurrBox as a gift? Yes! You can buy a monthly cat box gift subscription, or a single gift PurrBox.

When are PurrBoxes dispatched? PurrBoxes are dispatched the middle of every month around the 15th.

What is the order cut off date for the monthly PurrBox? Boxes need to be ordered by the 10th of every month.

Is there an order cut off date for the single PurrBox? Single PurrBoxes are shipped the same time as the monthly box.